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Leaving people better then we found them.

About the Practitioner

 Travis VanderLaan Lic Massage Therapist

 Keiser College A.S. Degree in Massage Therapy

 We believe that positive touch is both healing and life changing.

 Many times over the years I have been asked why I became a massage therapist and the answer still remands the same I want to help people and I have seen massage directly effect the lives of others and what massage does for me personally.

 My Grandfather after he had suffered a few minor strokes was having troble swallowing even water and would often get choked on it. My Grandmother had a friend whom had been practicing massage for quite some time and had her come over and work on him. The results were amazing for weeks at a time the choking would go away and eventually subsided. That is why I do what I do, to assist others. 

Who I am outside the office, well I am pretty much the same. I am married to a wonderful woman named Kimberly. We live in Kings Mountain, NC with our two dogs and our salt water aqurium which is one of my hobbies. I also enjoy music and movies.

 We look foward to learning about and assisting you also.

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